Free Ways To Check My Wife’s Text Messages

Checking or keeping track of your partner’s text messages might be easier than it sounds in today’s digital age. Do you suspect sudden activity that demands attention? Do you feel compelled to keep an eye on them? Track their movements? You can hire a hacker online for a trusted service.


Well, getting your hand on their phone might be a laborious task. You can always go old school and sneak their phones away. Have you ever wondered, are there any Free Ways to check my Wife’s text messages? Thanks to some easily accessible apps. There are easier ways to keep track of your wife’s text messages. Which includes simply monitoring them from your personal device.


Get yourself acquainted with the right apps

There are a plethora of easily accessible apps available to monitor your partner’s device for both Android and iOS users. Read on to find a few free ways to check your wife’s text messages. 

Ultimate Phone Spy 

They are the world’s leading providers of data penetration by using the Stealth Phone Spy App. Ultimate Phone Spy is available to both iOS and Android users. With this app, you can read WhatsApp messages, Email conversations, text messages, call logs, and media files. All her calls and even their duration can be checked by you. 

You can also check your wife’s location and even view the specs of her phone. From her battery percentage to her call history, you can access anything you want to check upon. Suspicious of her browser history? You can monitor that, too, along with the browser bookmarks.


Android users will have to get a hold of their partner’s phone and install the app. Apple users will simply need to know her iCloud information. Apart from accessing everything from her phone, this app also comes with a key logger feature. This feature is useful if you want to access her username and passwords as it can record every keystroke.

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Nova Spy

Nova spy App is a free app for Android users. You can test full functionality and all features on a free subscription. Nova can be used to track calls, text messages, and GPS locations of the phone on which it is installed. 

This is a simple program, and the app is invisible to who’s phone it is installed on.  You can remotely monitor their location from your phone and even get a notification when they change their Sim card. You can also monitor them 24/7 from the Nova spy website.

Best app to use when you want to monitor a cell phone

iSpy App

iSpy is a free app available to iOS users. This is an app that does not require rooting or jailbreaking. You can track your wife’s location from anywhere around the world. For this app, all you will need is the iCloud credentials of your wife. You need to then set up your account and verify the iCloud account. iSpy will sync itself to your wife’s device.

iSpy will ask you to grant permission to access your wife’s phone information. You will need to grant it all the access it demands. This app works in stealth mode, so your partner can never find out about the monitoring. 

You can also check text messages, media files, and social media activity.  iSpy also comes with a very popular feature called a Snapchat reader. Along with all this, iSpy is also a virtual key logger. 

Features of iSpy App

This is a useful feature if you want to access someone’s username or password as it records the words and letters typed by your wife.  Browser history is also accessible, and it comes with time stamps. You will know the exact time your wife has opened a particular website. 

Also, by using the Geofence feature, you can set a virtual boundary around your target device. With this feature, you will get alerts as to when your wife crosses the set boundary. Lastly, iSpy encourages users to not misuse the app’s features and leak information. 


Snoopza SMS tracker 

Snoopza is a free app available for Android devices. This app will help you check their text messages and video files. You can also check on their Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp. You simply need to make an account and download it on your spouse’s phone. It functions as a spy and won’t be visible to your partner. 

Easy to use and hassle-free, this app will help you monitor calls, including the duration of the call, and will let you easily monitor their doings. 

Notable Apps

Apart from the free apps available, you can also avail of paid apps which are available at a convenience fee. You will be able to access many more features like call interception, setting a geo-fence and real-time data syncing. Apps like Ultimate Phone spy, Nova Spy App, iSpy cell Phone Spy apps are available, which provide similar monitoring and tracking features. 


Best App to spy on a phone

All these apps don’t need a jailbreak or rooting and are easily accessible. It is very easy to use these apps to monitor your wife, even if you are a novice at technology. By following some very simple steps, you can access almost everything on the target’s phone. There is a multitude of apps available to both Android and iOS users.  

If you ever want the tracking or checking to be hassle-free or a one-time thing, you always have the option to go old school. You can get a hold of your wife’s phone if you want it to be a one-time thing or if you feel there is suspicious activity on a particular night.  All you will need is the password if it exists, and you are good to go. 

Final Words

Create a distraction, try catching her off guard, or convince her that you need to use his phone for something. Most relationships are built on trust, but social media and other such factors complicate issues in relationships today. To satisfy your suspicions, try these apps and check their text messages without them knowing. 

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