Best Hacking Groups on The Internet to Hire

Since the last decade, hacking has art that has amazed many people and created new avenues in the field of information technology. It helps the government to launch cyberattacks in international countries. Iran, the USA, China, Russia, North Korea are famous for hacking activities around the world. The hacking groups conceal their goals, mission, and aim for cyberattacks. No one can explicitly define the nature of the hacking groups as their goals and aims are quite distinct.


best hacking groups to hire

Hacking– A Definition 

Computer hacking is the act of recognizing and misusing system and network vulnerabilities. Hackers do hacking to earn unapproved entrance to those rules. Not all hacking is resentful. There are white hat hackers work in cybersecurity or as software engineers and examiners endeavoring vulnerabilities for fixing them. Black hat hackers, on the other hand, operate for malicious intentions. In this digital society, many political activists and hackers wear both hats and act according to the situation.

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What are the best hackers for hire roups?

Hackers are mostly students and prank hackers who use a DDOS strike to bring down PlayStation and Xbox channels while Christmas. Some older hackers usually operate as “computer security consultants” who counsel firms on how to defend themselves when the other hackers’ interface attempts to take down their system. Some hackers, on the other side, are in it for commercial profit, while others are in it for the designation and power. 

Best Hacking Groups of Internet to Hire

In this article, we have brought you the detail of the best hacking groups on the internet. The following is a thorough description of the hacking groups. Read and Enjoy. 

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  • Stuxnet

There are state-sponsored hacker groups that perform their responsibilities in a Hollywood manner. The most famous hacker group is Stuxnet. It is an Israeli worm unveiled in 2010 and has been used to sabotage Iran’s nuclear buildings. Israel has designed the Stuxnet worm to destroy SCADA, the Iranian nuclear enrichment process. This hacker network had the power to create a destructive outburst while monitoring stations seemed rational. 

  • Anonymous

Anonymous is the most famous best hacking groups in the whole world. The website came into being in 2003 and has grown on the internet tremendously. This group primarily got well-known for DDoS cyberattacks. They attack mainly on a foreign government, political figures, and religious madmen. In the USA, many people think anonymous is a hacktivist group, and few consider it a terrorist group due to its activities all around the world. 

The most famous campaigns of anonymous are the Occupy Movement, anti-church of Scientology, and anti-child pornography. They usually hide their identity. If someone from them becomes narcissistic and tries to use his name, they encourage that person to leave the group. 

  • Lizard Squad 

The lizard squad hackers group came into being in 2014. The originators are mostly young adults and teenagers. They mainly hack gaming services like play station. This group has also claimed to hack Facebook as well as the Twitter account of Taylor Swift. Recently, they attempted to cyberattack on the Labor Party of the USA. The USA police have arrested Many of the members of Lizard Squad. Nevertheless, they did not get stopped continuing their work. 

  • Fancy Bear

Unlike the innocent name, Fancy Bear has done a lot of damage all around the world. This group belongs to Russia and is also called Sofacy. The target of the Fancy bear is embassies, media, Olympic games, and defense organizations. Fancy Bear is also responsible for hacking the National Convention in 2016 in the USA presidential election. The objective of this cyberattack was to weaker those elements that intended to influence Russia. The group also attack the German parliament to control the election in France in 2017. After all these cyberattacks, their identities are still unknown to the world. 

  • Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army appeared in the world in 2011. They operate as a hacker of the pro-Assad group. According to the resources, This group has government support for performing the cyberattacks. They have discovered malware for android. The FBI could not arrest any members of The Syrian Electronic Army except one.  

  • The Lazarus Group

The Lazarus Group is the North Korean government hackers group. The group emerged in 2019, and until today they have government support. They use malware in their attacks. They became one of the best hacking groups notable all over the world when they hacked The Interview from Sony Pictures. Lazarus Group is responsible for Wannacry software that forces the victim to pay to get back their data. They are responsible for stealing more than $471 million from various cryptocurrency swaps. Their identity is entirely unknown to the people. The FIA is still looking for members of the Lazarus Group.

  • Chaos Computer Club (CCC) Hacking Groups

The Chaos Computer Club Hacking group is also known as CCC. The CCC is the European hacking club with more than 7800 registered members. This group is popular due to its work for the government, human rights, and freedom of information. This group follows the ethical rules for hacking, and they think that every individual should have access to computers. Their purpose of hacking is to educate the people about the security flaws. This club has 100% government support. 

  • Bureau 121

The Bureau 121 is the North Korean hacking group and has emerged in 1998. Since then, they have been part of the military of North Korea. The main target of the North Korean company is The United States of America and South Korea. The hacking groups are in the whole world because North Korea does not have a strong internet structure. Recently, they have jammed the GPS of South Korea. According to the resources of the United States of America, Bureau 121 is competent enough to create the mess through offensive cyberattacks. 

  • Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom is a powerful hacking group in this technological world. The contribution of this group to the hacking world is acknowledgeable due to their published works. One of their most renowned published works is the Hacker Manifesto. It is a short essay highlighting the principles and aims of hackers throughout the world. The manifesto is a must-have book for the hacking career. Moreover, the movie Hackers tediously references this book, hacking manifesto.

  • Equation Group

Equation Groups is the American Hacking group. The group has the USA government support. Moreover, The National Security Agency (NSA) also does work with them. Equation Group is considered the most exceptional group from 2015 till today due to its remarkable work against Russia and Iran. The group has an unlimited budget from the government to perform cyberattacks in different foreign countries such as Iran and Russia. 

  • TeaMp0isoN

TeaMp0isoN is a security research hacker group with 3-5 group people. The group earned popularity in 2011-2012 for their black hacking activities on NASA, NATO, UNO, and Facebook

  • Masters of Deception

The Masters of Deception is a hacker group from New York. They were notable to many for misusing telephone companies. They have feuded with Legion of Doom that was most popular from 1984 to 1991. They used to hack phone companies and used to earn money by setting up their lines. FBI had arrested many of them. However, they are still famous in the USA. 

  • Chafer 

Chaferis an Iranian cyber-surveillance group, also called Advanced Persistent Threat 39 (APT39), which has been operating since at least November 2014. The group has been accountable for the stealing of travel, personal information from telecommunications, entertainment, media, and business services from Europe and North America. Cyber-attacks of Chafer involve the use of malware, email, and spear-phishing.

  • Tailored Access Operations (TAO)

Tailored Access Operations an American cyber warfare unit of national security. It has been working for intelligence security since 1999. They are famous for the Exploitation of Computer networks all around the world. The group is known to break hardware such as switches, firewalls from multiple resources, routers, etc. As per the internet resources of the Washington Post, Tailored Access Operation engineers give priority to tap the network than tapping the computer. The reason for hacking the computer network is to have a large number of devices on one system. 

  • Sand Worm

Sandworm is a Russian military hacker. They were responsible for the blackout in Kyiv in 2016. They have devastated malware, and it had created to costliest cyber damage around $10 billion. The sandworm hacker group views as a powerful and robust Russian group when it comes to hacking the networking system.

  • APT 28

APT 28 is the Russian advanced threat group, and FireEye is the pioneer of APT 28. . They have the complete support of the Russian government. They use the advanced hacking method to hack the foreign countries’ systems. They gained popularity when they have hacked NATO, OSCE, ministries of Georgia, and websites of the Poland government. They have also hacked the ISIS system with its unique strategy. They have all legal reverberations, and they essentially work in those areas where Russian can work. 

Overall best hacking groups to hire

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Wrap Up

There were numerous groups in the world working silently for the government of their countries, and few are working independently for their organization. They do not aim to get fame. However, they can destruct the system worldwide. In the digital world, they are a powerful weapon to destroy the economy of any country through a cyberattack. 

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