Spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone

There is a high peak for the need to spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone. The reason is because of cheating spouse and partner are eager to check on his/her partner phone. Over the years, there high reliance to get one’s hand on evidence for cheating couple.

To spy on cell phone without software on the targets phone is quite possible with sophisticated apps to give you remote access. To experience remote access to anyone’s phone, frankly speaking, spy app cannot spy on someone’s phone without physically installing it on android device.

We will discuss why it is important to use professional hacker service to access a phone without touching it.

Spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone
Professional hacker service at work

Remote Cell Phone Spy Software Without Target Phone

There are big tech spy app website which claims to spy on cell phone without physically touching the target’s phone. The truth- iPhone allows remote access only if you have iCloud credentials of the target’s phone. Without knowing this info, you won’t able to access or recover data from the phone.

To access phone remotely, what you need is some basic information about the targets-for hacker to professional hack into any device without getting close to the device.

We will discuss the possible scenario to remotely spy on your partner phone but before we do that, we will break down how deceitful spy app companies are.

Can you monitor a cell phone without installing software

The answer is yes and you can spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone but this only applies to iPhone but it comes with a clause. To monitor android phone, you need physical access to set up spy app on the target’s device.

These are spy app clause that they never discuss about until you have paid. We will take a focus look on some few spy app website to understand what they require to fulfill your purpose of spying on a phone.


This is one of the biggest tracking app to monitor your kids, spy on your husband, relative and employee. The bitter truth when you signup for spyic service, they recommend that you select age you want to monitor and the age rank that is available for you to monitor between 0-15.

spyic 1-5

This is a app that boost of monitoring your spouse phone but only offer age between 1-15. more importantly, this type of service cannot provide what they offer. if such, they should rename it’s website to monitor kids phone rather getting client confuse with such deceitful tactics.

iCloud setup:

For iOS device, you need to setup iCloud account credentials after selecting age bracket to monitor or spy on.

icloud credentials setup to spy on iPhone
icloud credentials setup

Having icloud credentials do not give you full immunity to spy on the target’s device but a bit of edge to monitor iPhone. When you insert the email and password, it takes you to the next stage but getting to the next screen is where every become dicey.

Having iCloud email and password of the target won’t give you direct access but you will have to need physical access to the target’s phone before you can set it up.

What you require before you can spy on cell phone without installing software on target iPhone is that backup of the phone has to be turn on unless you don’t want to get constant access to few option they offer on iPhone.

Two-Factor Authentication

To spy on a iPhone, you will need to disable two-factor authentication to bypass security notification that someones login his/her partner that you want to spy on. Disabling 2-factor authentication is the bigger problem even when you have the login details of your spouse. The process to disable 2-factor authentication is below

disable 2-factor verification
how to disable 2-factor authentication on iPhone

Apples allow you to disable this on there website by using this process.

Login to Apple ID website to disable it: click security > disable two-factor authentication

It is not as easy as posted by spy app website. If you are using the physical device of the target to switch off 2-factor authentication of the targets phone then it will be easy. Using your own device to switch it off will be more tedious. This do not spell remote access as they portray on it’s website.

List of apps you can spy on iPhone

When you want spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone, be aware that on iPhone, you have less capacity to monitor activities of many apps unless what has backup. Since, spy app software only extract backup of messages on any device, it best to understand that you will have limited access unlike android smartphone.

cell phone spy software without installing on target phone
What spy service offer on iPhone hack

To monitor services like facebook, keylogger, geo fence and many more cannot be track by spy app. Facebook as many user on it’s messenger service and for spy app not to monitor the activities without jail breaking someone device is not acceptable since they offer a unique service.

How to spy on android phone without installing software free

There are many spy app website which claim to offer free android monitor but we have find one which offer a good way to monitor a cell phone if you only you have access to the target’s device.

Free Androidspy

This is totally free app to monitor your kids phone if you are on a budget and it’s easy to setup. They provide better free service more than big spy companies who charges are bit too much when you can totally get this service free especially if you can have the phone on you possession.

This is a tutorial on how to spy on latest phones without trouble on android.

Androidspy is a better option to spy on phone since it offer same service to setup android spy with physical access. Most importantly, it can see text messages, view call logs, access GPS location, call history, images, videos, compile list of apps installed on android device.

Free android spy

For android, cell phone monitoring without installation is not possible. You will have to install the device unlike iPhone spy app without installing on target. iCloud credentials gives the access to any device without any trouble.

How to bug a cell phone to listen in

As our website states, this is a professional hacking service which we provide the best techniques to spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone. We have been on phone hack for a very long time and we have provided great app to bypass security protocol, breach and many more.

From the age of technological advancement, there has always be a need to monitor both spouse activities and we are bring the best hackers hands on the job since spy app can compromise your security and relation with your spouse when they get to see the spy app and you are only the one who has screen lock of his/her mobile phone.

We have couple of reasons you should choose us for a quick access to bypass phone lock.

We will list our credentials and give you reasons to trust our service when you want to spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone.


Trusting spy app website that they offer to spy on cell phone without installing software on target phone will be a lie. Between iPhone and android device, you need to touch both phone physically even if you have iCloud credentials since you need to turn on backup device and turn off 2-factor authentication. You need few minuites to setup this process.

Also, they make you sign and understand that you have the phone physically before buying. It’s a good idea to read about terms and condition before buying any spy app. I will urge you both to consider the option before you want to buy a software to monitor your spouse phone.

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