5 Apps keylogger for iPhone: A short and concise discussion

If you want to avail all the benefits and perks of keylogger for iPhone then you need to start using one. There are different kinds of applications that are generally used for this purpose. You are allowed to go for any of these effective and reliable options to use it as the best keylogger of the iPhone. But first it is important for you to know everything about such applications for your convenience.

keylogger for iPhone

What is a Keylogger?

A keylogger for iPhone considered to be such an essential program or application that is basically designed for recording whatever target device is typing on its keyboard. The said target device could be an iOS phone, android phone, or even a computer.

A keylogger is there to record every keystroke that is generally made. It can collect and retrieve all the important and essential information and data on the target device as per your need such as password, usernames, messages as well as other personal information.

Hence, if you are eager to spy on a person then using this app is definitely the best option in this regard. It is just important for you to know ins and outs of using such applications in the best way possible. The more you know about it, the better it is for you.

If you think less then you can know how to hack someones phone remotely free with to easily view it on a keylogger.

How to install keylogger on iPhone without jailbreak

When you need to install a keylogger for iPhone without jail-breaking the target device and install remotely, this is a ultimate guide to follow.

The details you need to install a keylogger on the iPhone, you need to have access to the iCloud credentials of the target. This will enable you to have access to install a keylogger on the target devices.

A professional hackers service technique will be more advance than the above spyware techniques. Another option is to clone the target device to gain access to the phone.

What you need to do is gather information of the target phone number. The more info you gather, the better and easy access to gain. You need to know the model of the phone, OS version and even if there is antivirus, code locker, firewalls setup. This are possible details to get before you attack the phone software version.

Secondly, you need a tool to build a keylogger that suits what you required or buy a keylogger to attack the phone. It’s worthless if you customize a software that works with android and you want to run it on android.

Thirdly, if you are doing this personally, you can unlock the device and install it to monitor the targets phone. This is a powerful technique to spy with iPhone but Pro hacker service will offer hidden keylogger for iPhone as remote keylogger.

spy wechat iphone without jailbreak

5 Useful Apps and efficient keyloggers for iPhone

There are plenty of different keylogger for iPhone available in the market that you are allowed to go for according to your need and demand. Some of the most popular and reliable keyloggers are described below.


It is regarded as such a useful monitoring application that typically runs in the background of the target device. Remote installation of this app is generally unavailable and it is only supposed to work on the jailbroken iPhones. In case someone is looking for a common monitoring application for some jailbroken iPhone then this is definitely the best option to say the least.

There are various things that one can do using MaxxSpy such as keylogging, monitoring calls, texts etc. On the other hand, you are even allowed to different kinds of social media applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Apart from there are other functionalities such as GPS tracking etc.


It is known to be a good monitoring and keylogging application that happens to have some of the best functionalities and features as compared to the other applications. Some of its features are GPS location tracking, accessing media files, contacts, messages etc. On the other hand, you can even get access to live screenshots, different social media accounts, etc. You can get all the feedbacks and reviews given by the users of this app before you start using this application.

Highster Mobile

It is considered to be another keylogger for iPhone that generally uses an over-the-air process to download as well as install it. In the time installation, you need to enter the mobile number of the target device and then you need to make the necessary payment to get the activation key. It has some of the very exciting features and functions to its users.

Ultimate Phone Spy

This is one of the best spy apps that you can use as keylogger software. They offer unique techniques to monitor iPhone. The keylogger can spy and monitor any device such as android smartphones. You don’t need technical know-how before you can use this app to infiltrate a mobile phone.

Pro Hacker Service

This is the best way to rent a hacker who can legit bypass and install keylogger. When you need to hire a hacker for professional service, you need to consider the professionalism that involves. Are keylogger safe if you have to do it yourself?

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