How to Bug an iPhone- 6 Complete Guide

For an extended period, iPhones were mostly known for their wall garden design that could never be hacked. Their security system was the main thing that led to the significant selling of iPhones. However, that was years ago. Right now, many ways are available, using which you can hack an iPhone very efficiently.

how to bug an iPhone

Millions of individuals who wonder how to bug an iPhone, use spying apps to get the job done, i.e., getting information from the target cell phone. Most people use hacking apps for personal or professional reasons. Some use them to maintain their child’s security online. This is why iPhone spying apps are a part of good parenting, which is necessary in today’s world. Not only that, but spying apps also help in catching unfaithful partners and employees. 

Complete guide to hack student portal

Now the question is, what sort of apps are robust and reliable enough to hack a device? We all know that many apps are available within your reach, but choosing from them is a difficult task. Therefore, go for an app that’s trusted by many users like- Pro hacker service.

how to put a bug in an iphone

Why Use Ultimate Phone Spy

It’s quite easy to spy on a phone with just a phone number but why go for Pro Hacker Service? The answer is simple-

  1. It’s 100% unidentical.
  2. You can even access deleted data.
  3. It comes with a lot of spying features.
  4. Spy on installed apps, call logs, GPS location, WhatsApp chats, Facebook conversations, Instagram DMs, browsing history, and many more.

How to Monitor Someone’s iPhone Using Ultimate Phone Spy App

If you’re thinking of how to bug an iPhone, simply follow the steps mentioned below-

Step 1. Log into Ultimate Phone Spy-

Firstly, you’ll need to log into Ultimate Phone Spy. You’ll be provided with an activation code, login documents, and a guide on how to configure iCloud backup in the target cell phone. Mostly the chances will be that iCloud backup is turned on in the target device. If you want to avail premium benefits of the app, choose a premium plan.

Step 2. Enter theUltimate Phone Spy dashboard-

You can swiftly log into the dashboard by visiting Ultimate Phone Spy’s official website via your computer or iPhone. After this, enter the authenticate details in the web account to access the dashboard.

Step 3. Type in iCloud details-

Ultimate Phone Spy will remind you to enter the iCloud details of the target smartphone as the dashboard opens. After a few minutes, you’ll be able to spy on the iPhone through the dashboard panel. No matter where the target phone is, Ultimate Phone Spy will keep sending the phone’s data onto its servers as long as it’s paired to the internet. After this, you’ll be able to view all data on your computer or phone.

Step 4. Look through dashboard menu-

Go through the dashboard menu to start accessing the target iPhone. There are separate tabs for spying on call logs, messenger chats, text SMS, WhatsApp conversations, location tracking, videos, pictures, and a lot more. It’s more like accessing the target phone remotely without having any physical access to it. It’s a complete no-installation or no-jailbreak solution.

Watch Out for Scams

Now you know how to bug an iPhone remotely, without jailbreaking it and by just entering iCloud credentials. Therefore, if any app claims that there’s no requirement of iCloud data, you’re clearly dealing with a scam.

Not only this, but many ways are also available to check whether the product is a scam or not. Google the app’s website and inspect the data they’re offering to their users. The most popular taglines used by the scammers are “no monthly fees,” “free upgrades,” “one-time payment,” “bonus software.”

They’ll present things in such a legitimate way that you’re bound to believe that you’re getting the best deal.

Android Phone hacking method is quite different from iOS. iOS mostly need iCloud credentials to bug any iPhone.

Other Apps to Spy on iPhone

Several apps are within your reach that will enable you to access the target phone. 

  1. iRET- With iRET, you can break into an iOS device by using a few techniques and tools. It comes with a penetration testing along with handy tools to make the process swifter. Pen testing is one of the essential tools used by hackers, enabling them to look for vulnerabilities in any gadget.
  2. Cycript- Cycript is a renowned app among hackers and is considered one of the most functional hacking tools for iOS. It allows the users to go through the internal workings of ongoing iOS programs. It also allows useful explorations and SQL injections to look for vulnerabilities in the target device.
spy on iphone without apple id or jailbreak
  1. iSpy- This app is an all-in-one solution for analysing the iOS devices. It’s user-friendly and comes with a web-based UI to make the process of hacking easier. Apps like- WhatsApp, Calendar, Voice Memos, and many more are hacked by using iSpy. Its features are – class dumps, easy to use soft-breakpoints, instance tracking, etc.
  2. Burp Suite- Burp Suite comes with penetration testing and works by catching traffic on a network. This app is also used for examining traffic flows and looks for vulnerabilities in your device. By launching the Burp Suite Mobile Assistant, you can configure iOS devices.
how to spy on iphone 8 plus
  1. NordVPN- If you’re going to hack a device that’s jailbroken and connected to a public Wi-Fi network, you’ll require a VPN. That’s because, when you’re trying to hack the device, it’ll leave your device entirely vulnerable. 

Therefore, NordVPN gets around this issue by pairing to a remote server and then routing all web traffic through there. Through this, your private data won’t be shared publicly. Even though several VPNs are available, NordVPN is a good one!

How to put a bug in an iPhone

When hacking a phone with ethical techniques, pro hackers can deploy advance to hack. New strategies are always available since phones are security flaws. If you want to spy on your husband’s iPhone and you do not have the new techniques. Pro hacker service will be a better choice to hack.
Here are the reason you might want to hack iPhone with pro hacker service:

  • How to bug an iPhone remotely
  • Spy on iPhone with only phone number
  • Spy on iPhone without apple id and password
  • spy on iphone without apple id and password

When you take this into consideration, you will have a better view to hire a professional hacker to hack a phone. There is no miracle when it comes to hacking but professionalism can give you access.
To bug an iPhone remotely, what you need is experience. When you don’t have access to the phone or iCloud credentials. Pro hacker service becomes with the wiser choice to opt for. When you are finding a phone hacker for hire, take a look at this article to better understand how to hire a hacker.

How to tell if someone is spying on your iPhone

This is best practice on how to catch someone spying on you is knowing the behavior of your phone. Do your phone exchange lot of data? Overheating? this are signs that you phone might be hacked.

When someone is spying on you, you might never know so it is best to know that sign of your phone. Your phone might restart a lot but you might just feel it’s normal. This situation might lead to someone to use a spy camera for iPhone 7 hack without you noticing the camera activated.

When you want to know how to stop someone from listening to your phone calls, you have to employ the service of Pro hacker service. You do not need to be a pro to uninstall a virus or malware from your phone. Simple software from our section of sophisticated software can do it.

Above is the simple way on how to untap your cell phone if its bugged.


If you were wondering how to hack an iPhone, you’d get everything in this article. Over the years, hacking apps have improved and are more sophisticated. It’s no longer required to have physical access to someone’s phone and install spyware on them for accessing the device. 

But many people step back because of its pricing. 

If you’re looking for affordable software, Ultimate Phone Spy is definitely the app you’ll ever need. It’s low-priced, user-friendly and easy-to-use. It comes with the right set of spying features anyone would require to keep tabs on someone. 

how to untap your cell phone

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how to spy on iphone 8 plus

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